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About Us

Our Story

After working in the recruiting & staffing industries on backend platforms and processes for others, we noticed many companies have felt the struggle and time sink attempting in house recruiting can cause. Additionally, there is a big age demographic gap hitting the USA, and many companies are losing skilled employees faster than they can be found. To solve these problems, we created >ssh staffing and recruiting.

We are passionate about developing talent and providing our clients with the best in the business in a timely manner.

On the flip side, we love to help Industry Professionals develop their careers and grow into the salaries they deserve!

Our recruiting team consists solely of experienced professionals. Our team has helped send rockets to space, audited and signed off on successful NASA missions, worked in the Trauma ER, financed and banked all types of organizations, filled the skylines with beautifully architected buildings, created some of the worlds most sophisticated radio & satellite networks, create robust logistics networks, designed and maintained all kinds of backend and frontend cloud services, deliver on their construction project goals, won court cases, and much more! We took our combined expertise and applied it to the world of recruiting and candidate lead generation and have since helped many businesses get the best employees in the business.

What Makes Us Different

Our team has experience working on recruiting processes, recruiting software platforms, and has previous involvement with Open Source Intelligence Groups. We combined our unique experience to push the recruiting process into a new era.

The picture shown here is one small insight into our sophisticated processes and custom software used to source candidates. We have a similar algorithm for every candidate touch point – whether it be a name, workplace, phone number, username, email, domain name, and so on.

Our recruiting processes are data driven and were engineered to deliver the best to all parties in the shortest amount of time.

We will find the candidates you need.

Let’s work together.