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Source, Screen, Hire.

At SSH Staffing and Recruiting, we’ve partnered with dozens of clients to realize their recruiting & staffing goals that have reached millions of end users & customers. From engineering, to healthcare, to finance and banking, to construction and logistics, to legal, to executive, to space – we have done it all. During that time, we have created our own recruiting platform & processes that has evolved our talent acquisition abilities to the highest levels. Our goal is simple – help others succeed. Whatever your recruiting needs are, we have a solution.

Build Your Dream Team With Us!

What Makes Us Different

Our team has experience working on recruiting processes, recruiting software platforms, and has previous involvement with Open Source Intelligence Groups. We combined our unique experience to push the recruiting process into a new era.

The picture shown here is one small insight into our sophisticated processes and custom software used to source candidates. We have a similar algorithm for every candidate touch point – whether it be a name, workplace, phone number, username, email, domain name, and so on.

Our recruiting processes are data driven and were engineered to deliver the best to all parties in the shortest amount of time.

We will find the candidates you need.

Free Tech Recruiting Consultation

Scale Your Recruiting With 1 Click

Give your business an edge with a Free Recruiting Consultation from SSH Staffing and Recruiting. Learn how our Recruiting services can bring you top-tier talent in a short time frame. Our recruiters have over a decade of experience across a variety of industries. This means we know first hand how to screen potential candidates to get our clients the best employees in the business.


We are driven by values and relationships

The bottom line is, we succeed by helping our clients succeed.

That is why we seek to build more than just a business, we want to build long lasting relationships. And we do that by making sure we have satisfied and successful partners & clients.